H03VVH2-F / 219*Y
Technical Features

300 / 300 V PVC insulated flexible cable with plain annealed flexible stranded copper.

Construction Cu/PVC-HR/PVC-HR
Certification / Standard TSE / TS EN 50525-2-11,  
Application Area In dry locations for the connection of portable appliances/standard lamps, offices, machines, etc. under light mechanical stress.
Max. operating temperature +70°C
Max. curcuit temperature 160°C
Nominal Cross Section (mm2) Overall Diameter  (mm) Net Weight (kg/km)  Conductor DC resistance 20°C (ohm/km) max. Current Carrying Capacity in
Ground (A) Air (A)
2x0,5 3,1x5,0 31 39 - -
2x0,75 3,3x5,4 37 26 - -